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Is Grilling Food Healthy?

Will It cause cancer?

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I remember I was told as a young boy by my parents that grilling food is not healthy. It took me a long time to figure out that grilling or barbecuing isn’t bad. It is in fact how you grill your food that makes it bad. All the fear mongering and the false information have deprived me of almost a good one and a half decade of good grilled food. Thank goodness I have educated my parents all they need to know about grilling and we have been enjoying all our barbecued steaks, chicken breasts and mushrooms for quite some time now.

is grilling healthy

Allow me to explain… Cooking techniques especially those at high temperatures have a higher risk of causing cancer. Barbecuing or grilling food happens to be one of it. Some of the leading cancer researchers in the country agree that cooking food at high temperatures can produce hazardous compounds that are potentially carcinogenic. But what is it about grilling that makes food hazardous to consume?